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          Carbohydrate Derivative


          Synonyms:alpha-Methyl-D-mannoside;1-O-Methyl-alpha-D-mannopyranoside; Methyl alpha-D-mannoside (VAN); NSC 1225; alpha-D-Methyl mannoside; alpha-Methyl mannopyranoside; alpha-Methyl-D-(-)-mannoside;

          CAS Number: 617-04-9

          EINECS No.: 210-502-3

          Molecular Structure:

          Molecular Formula: C7H14O6

          Molecular Weight:194.18

          Quality Standard:




          White to off-white powder

          Assay (GC), %


          Specific rotation, 




          Loss on drying, %


          It is used in synthesize for below products:

          1.Synthesis of methy 2,3,4,6-tetra-O-benzyl-α-D-mannopyranoside, and then synthesis of pharmaceutical intermediate such as 2,3,4,6-tetra-O-benzyl-α-D-mannopyranose.

          2.Synthesis  of  mannopyranoside esters as antimicrobial agents.

          3.Selective synthesis of 4,6-O-benzylidene of methyl α-D-mannopyranoside with 2,6-dimethylbenzaldehyde.

          4.Surface engineering of  solid lipid nanopatticle assemblies for  the active targeting to macrophages in anti-tuberculosis inhalation.

          5. Partial neopentyl acylation, intramolecular migration and enzymolysis can be performed.

          6.Reactivity to release microencapsulated glucoamylase.

          7. Synthesis of novel σ-receptor ligands.

          8. It forms a sodium vanadate (V) complexes  with methyl α- and β-D - galactopyranoside,  and select O-methyl derivatives: a 51V and 13C NMR study. 

          9.Synthesis of  L-chiro-inositol-1,2,3-trisphosphate and -1,2,3,5-tetrakisphosphate by ferrier reaction.

          10.  Synthesis of 2,3-di-O-glycosyl derivatives with methyl α-L-rhamnopyranoside.

          11. Partial tosylation of methyl α-D-mannopyranoside. 

          12.Interaction of vicia faba lectin and  methyl α-D-mannopyranoside was investigated by ultraviolet difference spectroscopy. The capacity of lectins to bind specifically to various carbohydrates makes them useful for the isolation and structural analysis of such glycoconjugates as membrane receptors .

          13.Partial methylated derivatives were prepared with methyl α-D-galactopyranoside.

          14. Chiral building blocks with methyl α-D - glucopyranoside for anthracyclinone synthesis.

          15. Synthesis of some dialkjznylidene derivatives.

          16. Synthesis of N-acylated 7-amino-2,6,7-trideoxy-D-erythroheptopyranosides .

          17. Synthesis of  methyl α-D -rhamnopyranoside.

          18. For biochemical research. An eluent for the dissociation of glycoprotein complex with concomitant globulin A by affinity chromatography.

          Storage: Maintain in cool, dry containment.

          Package: 25kg/drum or as customer require.

          Expiration Date: 1 years.

          No.1958 Liyu Road Jinhua, Zhejiang, China



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