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          Bitter Agent & Aversive Agent

          Denatonium Benzoate

          Synonyms: Benzenemethanaminium,N-(2-((2,6-dimethylphenyl) amino) -2-oxoethyl)-N, N-diethyl-,benzoate; Benzyldiethyl((2,6- xylylcarbamoyl) methyl) ammonium benzoate; Lidocaine benzyl benzoate.

          Molecular Formula: C28H34N2O3

          Molecular weight: 446.59

          CAS No.: 3734-33-6

          EC No.: 223-095-2

          Molecular structure:

          Specification : Conform to USP/ NF 



          Assay, %

          Melting range, °C



          Loss on drying,%

          Residue on ignition ,%

          USP/ NF

          White crystalline powder or granule







          Package: 25kg/drum, 1kg/bag, 1kg/soluble bag, 100g/bottle or as required by the customer.

          Measurement: 370×370×380mm / 25kg/drum

          Properties:  It is white crystalline powder or granule, odorless, extremely bitter and its melting point is 163 to 170°C. It is soluble in water  and easily soluble in ethanol, ethylene glycol and propylene glycol. etc.
          Uses: The product is the best denaturant for alcohols and the world's bitterest known substance, adding as little as thirty parts to one million parts of a liquid makes that liquid too bitter to be tolerated by most human subjects, and because it is so bitter that it is commonly added to household items and outdoor products to prevent accidental poisonings.

          As follow is mainly purpose:

          1. Replacement for Brucine, Quassin, Quinine, Naringin,etc.

          2. Denaturant for alcohols and gasohol;

          3. Aversive agent for automotive products, including anti-freezes,brake fluid,hydraulic fluid and so on;

          4. Aversive agent for cosmetics,hairdressing and hair care products.Such as nail cream, toilet water;

          5. Aversive agent for household products. Such as pine disinfectant; Thick lavatory cleaner, spray and wipe cleaner, Wash, Insecticide, Liquid laundry detergent;

          6. Bittering agent to prevent mice or children from biting such as toy and discourage swallowing substantial amounts of noxious materials;

          7. Aversive agent for paints, solvents, varnishes, and printing inks;

          8. Aversive agent for Pesticide Insecticide, Plant food sticks, Fly bait, Ant bait, Rodenticide, Molluscicide, to prevent accidental poisonings.

          9. Aversive agent for drug for exterior use and oral drug.Such as ethanol for disinfection,antiseptic,kaiselu,sleeping pill,contraceptive and so on;

          10. Aversive agent for veterinary uses, such as to prevent cannibalism in pigs; to control aspiration mastitis and pyogenic mastitis in cows, animal repellant, to prevent deer nibbling young shoots on trees; to prevent horses cribbing their stalls, cat and dog repellants, bird repellant;

          11. Used in gardens,agriculture and protect environment;

          12. Used in bitering agent for Cable and Lachrymator;

          13. And aerosol for diluted denatonium benzoate to prove the proper sitting of gas masks and other respiratory protective apparatus;

          14. Used in protecting nylon material in aeronautics field;

          15. Used in Sciences research.

          Store: Store in a tightly closed container.Store in a cool,dry area.

          Expiration Date: 2 years.

          No.1958 Liyu Road Jinhua, Zhejiang, China



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