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          Food Additive

          Sucrose Ester Of Fatty Acids

          [INS: 473]

          Specifications and models:

          Type S-9 S-11 S-13 S-15
          HLB 9 11 13 15

          Quality standard: GB1886.27-2015

          Item Index
          Acid value (KOH)/(mg/g)≤ 6.0
          Free sucrose, w/%≤ 10.0
          Water, w/%≤ 4.0
          Ignition residue, w/%≤ 4.0
          Total arsenic (As), (mg/kg)≤ 1.0
          Lead (Pb), (mg/kg) ≤ 2.0

          Properties: Sucrose fatty acid ester S is milky white or yellowish-brown powder. It is dispersed and dissolved in water, soluble in chloroform, easily soluble in hot ethyl alcohol and other organic solvents.

          Applications and functions:

          Food name Model Maximum usage
          (except packaged drinking water)
          S-11~S-16 1.5 Increasing emulsion stability of drinks, preventing precipitation, stratification, oil ring floating, etc.
          Modified milk S-11~S-16 3.0 Inhibiting oil floating, preventing protein precipitation, improving taste of drinks, etc.
          Freezing drinks
          (except edible ice)
          S-9~S-16 1.5 Improving the emulsification and dispersion of products, improving the expansion rate, shape retention, and preventing the generation and growth of ice crystals.
          Bakery products S-7~S-16 3.0 Preventing starch retrogradation, aging and oil seepage.
          Unsalted butter and similar products S-1~S-16 10.0 Preventing oil and water separation and stratification, inhibiting oil crystals.
          Multigrain can S-11~S-16 1.5 Preventing amyloid protein precipitation or adhesion caused by thermal change.
          Chocolate products
          S-3~ S-9 10.0 Inhibiting grease separation, crystallization and surface frost.
          Candy S-1~ S-11 10.0 Increasing miscibility and emulsibility of raw materials, preventing oil separation, reducing adhesiveness to tooth and packaging paper.
          Meat and meat products S-1~S-16 1.5 Increasing water retension of sauages and ham, preventing grease separation of products with high oil content.
          Professional wheatmeal S-7~S-16 5.0 Improving texture structure, preventing starch retrogradation, aging and oil seepage.
          Fresh dough products S-1~S-16 4.0 Preventing adhesion between machine and flour, flour and flour, and increasing dough toughness.
          Jam, batter, breaded powder and fried powder S-5~S-16 5.0 Increasing strength of jelly after the wheat starch dextrinization.
          Spice S-5~S-16 5.0 Improving emulsifiability and dispersibility, protecting hygroscopic powder from caking, and improving fluidity.
          Jelly S-7~S-11 4.0 Increasing shape retention of products and preventing synaeresis.
          Fat emulsified products S-1~S-16 10 Forming stable emulsion system, improving creamy texture of products, and preventing oil separation.
          Basically water-free fat and oil S-1~S-3 10 Improving the emulsification of oil and water and preventing oil separation.
          Surface treated fresh fruit and egg S-5~S-16 1.5 Keeping fruit and egg fresh and extending storage period.

          Storage: keep in cool and dry place.

          Packing: 1kg×20 bags/box, 25kg/bag or drum.

          Shelf life: 12 months.

          No.1958 Liyu Road Jinhua, Zhejiang, China



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