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          Welcome to Zhejiang Synose Tech Co., Ltd.!

          Development History

          Zhejiang Synose Tech Co., Ltd. is one of the earliest manufacturers of sucrose ester products in China. In 1983, sucrose ester project was established and passed the pilot plant test in 1984. Through more than 30 years' technological innovation, the company has developed into a sucrose ester manufacturer with the largest production scale and the most complete varieties.

          The company was officially founded in 1996. For more than 20 years' effort, the company has developed a series of competitive products like carbohydrate derivatives, food additives, bitterants, fine chemicals, etc. to meet the market's demands.

          The company is evaluated as "national high-tech enterprise", several products have won "national invention patent". The company passed the MUI HALAL Certification, ISO9001 Quality Management System and ISO22000 Food Safety Management System Certification. More than 10 products have passed the pre-certification of "REACH Regulation".

          No.1958 Liyu Road Jinhua, Zhejiang, China



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