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          Welcome to Zhejiang Synose Tech Co., Ltd.!

          Custom Synthesis


          Zhejiang Synose Tech Co., Ltd. has been working in carbohydrate chemistry for more than 21 years and provides customer synthesis.

          1. Equipment

          We have several sets of equipments including the lab test, pilot trial and mass production, which can complete the custom synthesis development and production from gram grade to ton level.

          We can achieve the reaction of the below parameters:

          Volume: 100ml~3000ml

          Pressure: -0.098~+0.2 MPa

          Temperature: -15 ~250℃

          2. Detection

          Our company owns various detection equipments including HPLC, GC, atomic absorption (heavy metal detection), infrared detection and ect., which can finish the conventional physical and chemical testing. We have good cooperation with Zhejiang University and Zhejiang Normal University, so we can take the advantage of their platforms to do the nuclear magnetism and mass spectrum test and detection.

          3. Master in reaction

          We are specializing in the researching and developing of carbohydrate chemistry for many years, and good at the custom synthesis and industrial production of carbohydrate, fine chemicals, and medical intermediates. We have a number of invention patents in this area, especially skilled in the reaction of Glycosidation, Esterification, Benzyl etherification, Isopropylidenation.

          No.1958 Liyu Road Jinhua, Zhejiang, China



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